Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When We Suffer

The blessed the righteous show that many stories in scripture demonstrate that the righteous are not spared from trials. Consider Job, the blameless and upright, the servant of God who becomes Satan’s target and suffers as few ever will. The apostle Peter tells us not to be surprised at out suffering. Jesus himself tells us that in this fallen world we will have troubles, but Jesus overcomes the world and it’s suffering and sin, so believers in him will stand firm spiritually no matter what the circumstances. We may have many problems, but our deepest since of well being and spiritual security can never be threatened. Our emotions in response to suffering may, like Job’s, run the gamut; but our abiding faith will glorify God and be remembered by those who watch us overcome.

I have seen people who have hardly nothing give more than people who have so much, and people who suffer the most have more of a positive spirit, much more positive than those who should have no suffering in their lives at all. If you look at the patients that I work with, the ones who should be in the most suffering pain are the ones who often speak of it less than those who shouldn’t have a care in the world.

Monday, December 15, 2008


If God is such a good God, why does he allow suffering? I have attempted to understand this. I have seen so many of my patients go though so much pain and suffering, you would think it’s cruel of God to allow such pain and hard to understand why. You may ask if we have a loving God why does this happen? But have you thought that this is the time they usually cry out to God, and this is the time many of them become closer to God. That during this time of suffering they somehow get the chance to come closer to God and set things right in their lives. So if you look at suffering that way, suffering is a good thing. Sometimes it makes you a better person.