Saturday, September 10, 2005

Life at Tennessee State University

Hi I’m Ann Stewart…I’m a pre-med student at TSU who is trying to get into med school…I don’t know if I will make it or not, but I’m going to try….Here are some people I have met along the way at college. (click on any picture to make it larger)

This is my friend Dawn…She’s been helping me though computer class.

This is Meg…She is a student in my biology class…She’s real sweet.

This is Ms. Berk…She was my first biology lab professor, but only for 2 classes…Now I have Mr. Aloice Orodo-Aluoch…I’m going to try to get some pixs of him soon to add to my TSU collection.

This is Dr. Lois Harlston Ph. D. She’s trying to help me get into med-school. I thank her so much for the advice and trying to put me on the right track.

This is Professor Russ Daily…He’s my medical Law and Ethics professor at High Tech Institute….He’s my favorite professor at High Tech….I had him for 2 classes at High Tech and I scored over a 100% in both of his classes, cause he really makes it to where you understand the material and he’s a great teacher. I call him Jesus and tell him I pray to him every day. (Joking of course)

This Dr. George Hull…He’s my professor and he has put up with me for a few weeks now. He’s done a great job at it to….I work him really hard.

See how hard I work him… He's sweating a lot here cause his students (including me) have been working him to hard.

This is me in lab class…The guy sitting next to me is fellow lab student Gabriel. Nice name hun…That is one of favorite angels name.

This is Azad…He is also trying to get into Med School…He is in my biology lab class…Good luck Azad….I hope you become the 2nd best Doctor there is, because I wish to be the first.

This is Henry Power my teacher on Sundays…What would I do without him? I’ve grown very fond of him.


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